Murilo Guimaraes – Sr. Product Manager

Murilo 23.08.16

This week we sit down and chat to one of theScore’s product managers Murilo Guimaraes about Friday beers, being a self-starter and supporting Brazilian soccer team Fluminense. 

1. What do you do at theScore?
I’m one of the product managers working with the various development teams on the engineering side. Specifically, I work mostly with our Sports and Shared Services teams, which handles any components shared by all of our apps such as push alerts, user accounts, search, news, etc.

2. How long have you been doing that for?
I started at theScore in 2010, and have since learned an incredible amount about mobile and web product development and grown a lot as a sports fan and professional.

3. What were you doing before that?
I had been working as a developer and then project manager for various small to mid-size companies. I then joined theScore as a project manager when it was still mostly a TV station, and the engineering department was practically non-existent. I helped to ramp up our engineering department processes and teams, and helped to run projects to improve our “ScoreMobile” app (the name of our app at the time).

4. What made you want to work here?
Project management opportunities are widely varied, so I figured that if I could, I may as well choose to work in a domain I understand and enjoy – sports! The culture and environment I was introduced to when I was first interviewing sold me on joining the company. Also, I’ve always played lots of video games my whole life, so when we started with esports it only added to my interests and love of theScore.

5. What is your favorite thing about working at theScore?
The culture is probably one of my favourite things. I enjoy how everyone is pretty relaxed but always pushing hard and working together towards the same goal of getting an amazing app out for our users. It’s also always been really interesting bridging the gap between people in the organization: technical and non-technical, sports fanatics and sports newbies, etc.

6. What’s the best ‘perk’ of working for theScore?
Well, besides the constant stream of sports, I definitely enjoy the beer on Fridays! It’s always a great way to unwind after a week working hard with everyone. We have a little bit of a Friday tradition going now where we usually play some euchre or video games (smash bros., mariokart, etc.) while having a few beers.

7. What qualities does a person need to work at theScore?
The environment is pretty fast-paced, as priorities shift often based on either new technologies or market changes. You have to be flexible and ready to shift directions at anytime, and you should also be proactive and a self-starter. From a product development perspective, having a good user-centric mindset is key.

8. Do you follow sports or esports closely?
I’m an NFL and a soccer fan. I also started following some esports more recently. I play and watch League of Legends and CS:GO, and now I’m into some of the newer ones like Rocket League and Overwatch.

9. What teams do you follow and why?
I’m from Brazil and used to closely follow my team, Fluminense, but nobody knows what I’m talking about when I mention that team to them. I also cheer for Barcelona since I always loved their play style and always enjoyed watching one of my favourite players there – Ronaldinho. Plus, we got Neymar now too! In the NFL, I follow the Green Bay Packers (Go Pack Go!). When I first moved to Canada, the friends I met here were huge Packers and Brett Favre fans, so I just jumped on that bandwagon, and never got off!

10. Besides theScore and theScore esports, what are the three mobile apps you can’t live without?
These days, like everyone else, I’m obsessed with Pokemon Go (Team Instinct!). I also use the Reddit app a lot, and various messaging apps to keep in touch with friends.

Murilo was speaking with Arielle Luder