Dan Malakieh – Android Team Lead


Meet Dan – he leads our Android team. This is what he loves about working at theScore.

1. What do you do at theScore?
I oversee development of the Android apps from a technical perspective.

2. How long have you been doing that for?
I’ve been at theScore for three years. I’ve been in this position for over two years.

3. What were you doing before that?
I was at a digital agency. They built a lot of apps for media companies from the outside. We do it a lot better here by building it internally.

4. What made you want to work here?
I had a friend who worked here who seemed very happy! It seemed like a great environment.

5. What is your favorite thing about working at theScore?
I’d say we are able to work very independently. There’s not a lot of bureaucracy and I like what we do. Larger companies move a lot slower, and we’re able to bypass a lot of that.

6. What’s the best ‘perk’ of working for theScore?
I think we give our development staff a lot of flexibility on when and where they can work. We ensure there is a good work/life balance.

7. What qualities does a person need to work at theScore?
From the development side I’d say you have to be very talented and generally unsatisfied. Building a great product takes someone who is both capable of doing it well, and not happy with a product that’s good enough or just satisfactory. Continual improvement is part of our process.

8. Do you follow sports or esports closely?
I wouldn’t say closely, although I follow the major events and Toronto teams during the playoffs.

9. What teams do you follow and why?
I follow the Jays and I go to a few games every season. I live near the Skydome, so they’re kind of omnipresent.

10. Besides theScore and theScore esports, what are the three mobile apps you can’t live without?
Besides my work related apps, I’d say Podcast Addict, Spotify and Pokemon Go.

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Dan was speaking with Arielle Luder.