Our app often gets praised for being the fastest in delivering the latest scores and news. But for a few sports fans, we’re sometimes just a little too fast…

We get that it can be frustrating if you’re watching the game on a delay on TV and you get that touchdown or home-run notification from our app seconds before you see it happen.

So now we’ve introduced a new feature that allows you to temporarily mute alerts for a single game to keep your experience spoiler-free.

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MLB-Datatron featured image

The business end of the season is now in sight for baseball fans. And the latest update to theScore app on iOS takes you closer to the action than ever before.

We’ve made major improvements to our box scores, delivering deeper stats and dynamic graphics showcasing scoring plays and data on pitchers. We’ll also give you an instant snapshot of what’s happening in real-time, pitch-by-pitch, including graphics for batter hot zones and pitch location.

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