Stay on top of your team’s MLB schedule with theScore

With 162 regular season MLB games it’s tough to keep track of your team. But theScore’s calendar feature has you covered. Sync every one of your favorite team’s games to your calendar so you know exactly which team they’re playing and when.

And this is how you do it:

iOS Users

1. Click on the drop down menu at the top of the screen

2. Select the league

3. Go to Scores or Standings

4. If you went to Scores, select a match up involving the team whose schedule you wish to add and then click the team logo. If you went to Standings, click on the team name.

5. Click the “Follow this team” button

6. Click the Calendar icon with a “+” beside it

7. A pop-up bubble will appear asking if you wish to “Subscribe to the calendar”. Click Subscribe.

calendar-button theScore


Android Users (version 3.0 or higher)

1. Click on theScore icon and select the appropriate league

2. Navigate to the team’s page whose calendar you would like to add (either by clicking through the Scores page or through the standings page)

3. Once on the appropriate team page click the “Calendar+” icon in the top right hand corner.

4. Confirm you would like to add this calendar (Please be 100% sure you would like to add the entire calendar as once it has been added games can only be removed one at a time).

And that’s it.

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