theScore App: A Fantasy Baseball Owner’s Assist

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If your Simple Bracket or printed out bracket hasn’t been busted by now, then you’re simply from another planet.

There are still some bets to be made off this Final Four Weekend. But, by and large, college basketball season is over and baseball enters into sports fans’ minds. Last night, the Houston Astros defeated the Texas Rangers with a final score of 8-2 in MLB’s Opening Night. The Astros debut in the American League isn’t the only new highlight this baseball season, though.

Fantasy sports are commonly associated with the NFL. And with only a 16-game season to keep track of on a weekly basis, football shall reign supreme within this sector for the foreseeable future. According to Forbes, the fantasy sports industry averaged a 12 percent growth rate between 2007 to 2012, which lends itself to yearly profits at around $397 million on $1.1 billion in revenue during that time span. And by 2017, this market will reach $1.7 billion through the expected nearly nine percent annual growth measures. One of the primary drivers behind this progression is apps, which is gradually inflowing throughout all aspects in sports.

“For many sports fans, their mobile device is now the ‘first-screen’ ahead of desktop and even television,” said Jonathan Savage, Vice President of Product for theScore, Inc.

Currently, there are 111 and 173 search results under “fantasy baseball” within the App Store and Google Play, respectively. One wouldn’t think there would be that much product development or interest for this category due to the high number of games in baseball’s regular season, yet those search queries proves otherwise. ESPN and Yahoo!’s fantasy baseball apps are surely the dominant properties where users create their leagues. Nevertheless, fantasy owners always are looking elsewhere to find any other competitive advantage they can find.

theScore App serves as supplementary platform that gives fantasy owners the edge they need. This app primarily helps with monitoring and managing players in a more convenient way. Recently, it went through some cosmetic changes in order to provide an interface that’s easy to use and navigate across the menu items. More importantly, all the information within this app derives from Rotowire, which has been a trusted and premium source among fantasy sports users. This app is now available to download for free on both iOS and Android ecosystems.

Some of the top features include:

My Player: Here users can create groups of players so they can track everyone on their fantasy league in one expedient location, including player news, stats and other vital data, building an entirely customized view.

My Score: This facet enables fans to follow all their favorite teams in one place, making it easy to stay on top of the latest scores, news, stats and standings.

Baserunner Diamond: A unique snapshot of who is on base in each game, as well as how many outs there have been record as the game is going on live.

Calendar: It’s always beneficial to download one’s favorite team’s schedule into one’s phone’s calendar, which helps finding out exactly when and where they are playing.

Share with Friends: An app wouldn’t be complete without embedded social components to connect with Facebook and Twitter to tell the world when one’s team has hit a home run or won a game.

Savage elaborated further on the app’s capabilities: “With 162 games during the regular MLB season, we know that managing a fantasy baseball team can be a full-time job. People are busy, so they need a way to track their roster straight from their mobile device whenever they please. theScore allows them to do just that thanks to our in-depth player news and stats features, including push alerts for breaking news. This app delivers the ultimate service for fantasy league players and sports fans in general, giving them access to real-time stats, scores, standings and news, together with personalization options so they can really make the app their own.”

With more than 3.75 million active monthly users, theScore App can come in handy during the long summer days of the current MLB season.

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