theScore’s breaking news alerts: A million sports fans can’t be wrong

By Kenny Norton
Digital Marketing Manager

The great thing about sports is that there’s always something happening, whether it be a huge signing, a trade, a top draft pick, an injury or key milestone. And that’s why we’re dedicated to keeping each of our users on top of all the latest news as it happens with theScore’s breaking news alerts.

Currently available for NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB – with more league coverage on the horizon – our breaking news alerts are available on iOS and Android. We now have more than one million users subscribed to at least one league’s breaking news alerts, and we fully expect that number to keep on growing.

It’s a great milestone to hit. It’s also a key indicator of what users can expect from theScore as we continue to deliver what we believe is the ultimate digital experience for sports fans, providing a mobile app which they crave 24/7 – not just when the game is on.

Setting-up breaking news alerts is simple. They are enabled by default as soon as you enter the news section for one of the leagues listed above and can be configured under the settings area.

To make sure you have breaking news alerts configured correctly in the news section on iOS, ensure the check mark appears over the alert bell in the top right hand corner. And on Android ensure the star in the top right hand corner is highlighted white.


To configure all of the league alerts, enter settings -> breaking news and select the leagues you would like breaking news alerts for.


Never miss another key moment from your favorite league with theScore’s breaking news alerts. Download theScore for free on iOS and Android.