Updated “Top News” gives you quicker access to the biggest stories

The biggest new feature to land on our latest iOS update was Feed – but we also made another, more subtle change to make it even easier to get the mobile-first, real-time sports news you care about. Our Top News section is now filtered by league, allowing you to easily swipe between content, drilling down to the stories you want to see.

Even better, Top News follows the order in which you’ve customized the leagues and sports in the app. So if NFL, NHL and MLB are the leagues you care about most, they’re the ones that will appear in Top News first. Of course, if you’re looking for a combined view of news across all leagues, that’s still available via the main Top News tab. News updates will continue to be delivered using theScore’s unique mobile-first approach, where up-to-the-minute content is presented in “snackable bites” that break down the biggest stories into the most important elements – stacking each update on top of the last. Top News can be found in the main menu on iOS devices.

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