Personalize your league menu with theScore on iOS

Sports fans want to follow the leagues they care about. For some, the NBA is their top league while others don’t want to see it in their league menu at all. This is why theScore makes it possible to prioritize leagues in any order of your choosing, putting you in total control of your experience.

Here’s how to do it on iOS.

• Select the League Menu

• Scroll to the bottom of your league lists

• Tap “More Leagues”

• Tap the red “–“ on your current league list to move them to your non-visible league list

• Tap the green “+” on your non-visible league list to move them to your current league list

• Tap and hold the reorder control (three lines) next to the league you would like to reorder and move it wherever you like

• Once you’re done – click “More leagues” to save your preferences.

Here’s a GIF of it in action:

For further assistance, or general app support, you can contact our Support Team via thescoreapp(at) or select “Feedback” in the Settings menu.

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