Meet the Team – Aaron Gough

Who are you and what do you do at theScore?
My name is Aaron Gough and I’m a Software Engineer at theScore. I work on data ingestion, data modelling, scores, and so on, mainly in Ruby on Rails.

What is one word you would use to describe the culture of theScore?
Welcoming. It’s a very nice team environment. I’ve been really impressed with the culture here. My team and I are pretty close. It’s really nice having that kind of relationship with your teammates and getting to work with them every day.

What is something that the public doesn’t know about theScore?
I would say how hungry and dedicated we are to getting as close to real time as possible and giving our users the data they want as quickly as we can. People don’t really think about the technical side of that too much, but it’s quite challenging and everyone here works really hard at it.

What are your top favorite apps, other than theScore?
I love Instagram, particularly when centred around the artist and maker communities. There are tons of interesting artists on Instagram that I follow and interact with a lot.  And Ritual, the takeout app. Our whole team lunch routine centres around the Ritual app.

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Are you a sports fan?
I follow some racing stuff, and MMA a little bit. I have done a fair bit of MMA, mainly Brazilian jiu-jitsu, so it interests me to watch a fight and see what’s going on. I trained fairly seriously for about four-to-five years and participated in a few amateur fights. I follow racing from an engineering perspective. I watch the races occasionally, but I’m much more likely to watch a factory tour. Like “How it’s made” for amazing, multi-million dollar sports cars.

Who is somebody, dead or alive, you’d want to meet and why?
Michael Schumacher. Although, I think meeting his team would be even more interesting. Everyone sees Formula 1 as just drivers, but they’re no good without the cars and there are hundreds of people behind the scenes building the cars. It would be really interesting to meet everyone and get to see the process. Also training with one of the MMA greats like GSP would be fun, he would destroy me, but it would be really fun.

Motto or personal mantra.
“Fail Forward Fast.” I think that a lot of people are afraid to try something new or push the envelope because they might fail. So having the idea that you’re probably going to fail, but that’s okay because it’s a learning experience, and you can move on from it – that’s been super powerful for me, both from a personal perspective and a professional one.

What’s one thing on your bucket list, professional and personally?
Personally, learning to fly a helicopter. I’ve flown a fair bit of remote-control and simulators. Real helicopters would be a whole other world – I think it’s really interesting, the dynamics of it. Professionally, there’s one project I would really love to do which is to build a CNC machine from scratch. It’s basically a computer-controlled machine tool that can cut wood or metal according to a pattern. I use CNC heavily in my knife-making business and I would love be able to build my ideal one from scratch, which is a pretty complicated process from a mechanical, electrical and software standpoint.

Do you have a hidden talent?
I love rock-climbing. I boulder fairly regularly, which is mainly indoors on shorter walls (about 20 feet), but you climb without ropes. I like bouldering for a lot of the same reasons as I liked Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which is that it’s a really good exercise without feeling like exercise at all because you’re just having fun.

Any last comments about theScore?
From an engineering side, it’s the most talent-rich team that I’ve worked with. Everyone is really good at what they do and it’s amazing to work in that kind of environment. I think everyone is pretty hungry to try new things, we definitely push on a lot of cutting-edge technologies. Cohesiveness of the teams and the way our work is planned out is attractive to good talent. It’s not a crazy grind, everything is reasonable and well planned out. For me personally, I’m a very extroverted thinker, I think better as part of a group. That is very accepted here. We work really well in a group when working on a complicated problem.

Aaron was speaking to Liana Timbol. 

Photo by James Bigg