Meet the Team – Caitlyn Holroyd

Who are you and what do you do at theScore?
My name is Caitlyn. I’m the social news editor. Most of what I write falls outside the “hard news” category – so more social, pop culture-leaning stories. It could be anything from an athlete getting into a Twitter fight with someone, to LeBron James producing a movie, to a lot of WWE stuff.

What’s your favorite part of working at theScore?
All the people I work with, especially my team. We have a great group who really make me feel welcome. We’re always laughing and having a good time while also pushing each other to get better. We have great leaders on the team too — my supervisors are a big reason I enjoy coming into work every day.

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Describe the culture of theScore in one word.
Driven. From top to bottom here we have a great group of people who are all really hard working. We all want to see theScore succeed and continue to evolve and get better.

What’s something that the general public doesn’t really know about the company?
Probably how many people are involved with theScore. In content alone – yes, we have the writers but we also have copy editors, supervisors, and curators. There are a lot of different parts of theScore and they all help ensure we’re continually putting out a great product.

Name an athlete, dead or alive, you would want to meet.
Michael Jordan. He’s one of my favorite athletes. Especially growing up I was a huge MJ fan. I’ve heard so many great stories about him I think it would just be fun to pick his brain for a bit, find out the more personal side of him.

Motto or personal mantra.
“Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there” – Bo Jackson. The fear of failure should never stop you from chasing your dreams.

What motivates you?
Seeing the app succeed is a huge motivation. I’ve been here almost five years and we have evolved so much in that time. Just look at our social media— I remember when we hit a million likes on our Facebook page and now we’re at over 3 million and have built a big Instagram following too. We’re also starting to cover live events, which is exciting.

What are your three favorite apps, other than theScore?
Instagram, for keeping up with my friends social lives, but also so many athletes use Instagram, so my job relies on that a lot, as well. Yahoo! Fantasy, I’m in a lot of fantasy leagues here. And Ritual (the takeout app).

If you were stuck on an island, what three non-living things would you bring with you?

  1. Sunglasses, it feels like a good thing to have.
  2. A book of some kind that I wouldn’t get tired of reading over and over again.
  3. My phone. I don’t think I can survive without it.

How would you summarize the time you’ve spent at theScore?
Fun. I’ve made so many friends here. I was part of the original group of news editors that we hired. There were only about 25 of us, and now we’ve almost doubled that number. It’s great to have a group of people who you enjoy working with but also look up to and pull inspiration from.

Any last comments about theScore?
theScore is very accepting. No one should be afraid of applying here. It’s a very welcoming environment. We have great people here, hardworking people. It’s a fun place to work, but we also take our job seriously, which I think is a good balance to have at any workplace.

Caitlyn speaking to Liana Timbol. 

Photo by James Bigg