Meet the Team – Melanie Seabra (11)

Who are you and what do you do at theScore?
Mel Seabra and I’m a Product Designer. Mainly my job is designing for the app but, more specifically, I’m on the social team. We have five different teams in development: Social, Emerging Platforms, Growth, Content, and Sports.

How long have you been at theScore?
Three years. I did my first two years as a marketing designer and now I have transitioned to product designer.

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Describe the culture of theScore in one word.
Teamwork. Being that we are a sports company, I think that funnels down and it aligns with our industry.

What was the main thing that drew you to working at theScore?
Sports. I’ve had sports in my life for a long time and it’s an industry that I’ve always wanted to be in. It fits perfectly because I was designing before so to be able merge design and sports is ideal. Also, I had been using the app for a long time before I started working here so to have the opportunity to work for an app that I actually use was perfect.

What’s the best “perk” of working for theScore?
Being able to play ping-pong as a release during the day. It’s really nice to take a little break and get a change from what you are working on to refresh.

What qualities does a person need to work at theScore?
Approachability. You can talk to anybody from any area of the office here. You never feel like you’re going to be sent away. This comes straight from the top with John and every idea gets listened to no matter who it came from.

Do you follow any particular sports/esports/team?
RONALDOOOOOO. It used to be Real Madrid but with Ronaldo moving it’s going to have to be Juventus. I’m marrying an Italian so it’s kind of necessary to switch allegiance to an Italian team. I tend follow the player more than the team which some people hate.

What are your favorite apps other than theScore?
Reddit. Spotify. IMDB needs some work from a design point of view, but it’s an app I use daily.

What is one thing on your bucket list which you haven’t achieved yet?
I would love to see Ronaldo play before he retires. Ideally it would have been with Real Madrid but Juventus would still be fine.

Mel speaking to Fenner Dalley

Photo by Fenner Dalley

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