Meet the Team – Brandon Jordan

Who are you and what do you do at theScore?
Brandon Jordan and I’m the Senior Video and Multimedia Editor. My role has changed from making graphics and memes and social content to making more documentary style videos. I’m involved with the new doc series that we are starting at theScore. We’ve published our first, theScore X series which featured Lance Stephenson, and we are hoping to have more that branch off over the next little while.

How long have you been at theScore?
My two years is October 3rd. Before this I was working at Lululemon. I worked there after I got out of school while I was looking for a more permanent job in the field I was focused on. When theScore posted the job that I wanted I applied right away and it’s been great.

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How has your role developed since you joined theScore?
I was the first social media video and multimedia editor that theScore hired. Since I joined it has expanded into a team of three of us. At the beginning I told them if there’s any video jobs that open up, I want to be considered. I did the FIBA U18 Championships and Signature All-Canadian Showcase game to get some video clips before doing something longer. When we first started talking to Lance Stephenson, my name was thrown in the bucket for somebody who could get involved. It’ll be interesting to see how it expands. We’ll see if we end up building a bigger video team if we do more longform features like this. I’m excited to see where it goes. There’s a lot of potential for sure.

Describe the culture of theScore in one word.
Flexible. Everybody here kind of does their own thing which loops into the bigger plan. My role is always changing and adapting so you have to be ready for anything.

What was the main thing that drew you to working at theScore?
I went to film school and played volleyball at Ryerson for five years so my ideal workplace was something that involved both sports and video. I had my eye on theScore for a while. theScore was one of the few places that involved both so it was perfect.

What do you most look forward to as theScore continues to develop, both in the immediate future and long term?
I’m really excited to start producing more original content which is something that is new for theScore.  It’s great being involved right from the jump and I can’t wait to see how far we can go with it. As I said earlier, we’ve started with Lance Stephenson and we’re going to try to build on it.  It was my responsibility to figure out how to shoot this mini-documentary with only one camera and develop a style we could use in future projects. After editing each cut, our team and I would sit down with what I presented and tweek it.  It was definitely a group effort. I basically got the opportunity to bring the storyboard to life. It’s really exciting to be involved right from the beginning.

What’s the best “perk” of working for theScore?
Being able to closely follow sports while you are working.  Before, I would spend a ton of my free time following sports.  Now for my job I’m constantly following sports because we need to stay on top of the breaking news.  For example, in group chats with my friends, somebody will message something that’s only a few hours old but because we follow it so closely here it will seem like I heard it ages ago.  It’s nice being on top of all the current sports stories.

What qualities does a person need to work at theScore?
It’s all about being a team player here.  On our social team we’re bouncing ideas of each other constantly and everybody’s involved.  We are trying to be on top of the news and getting everything out as quickly as possible. You have to be able to keep up and work with the rest of the team for everybody to produce the best content.

Do you follow any particular sports/esports/team?
Very in depth for basketball.  I used to go to a lot of the Raptors games with my dad and brothers when I was a kid.  They used to give out foam Raptors heads at the game when I was little and I still have a few. Vince Carter, MoPete, JunkYard Dog were the raptors I grew up watching. My football and baseball knowledge is definitely more limited, which is when the rest of the social media team’s knowledge comes in handy. I’m also a big Fortnite and Super Smash Bros player.

What are your favorite apps other than theScore?
Pretty much all the big ones like Instagram, Whatsapp, Lyft. I use Instagram a lot to see what other people are doing and get inspiration for some of our content.

What is one thing on your bucket list which you haven’t achieved yet?
Seeing a Toronto team win a championship, not including Argos or TFC.  Leafs, Raptors, Jays would be great. It would be a really cool experience having the championship experience.

Brandon was speaking to Fenner Dalley

Photo by Fenner Dalley

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