Meet the Team – Yolanda Cheung

What is your name and what do you do at theScore?
My name is Yolanda and I am a Data Analyst for theScore. My job involves studying app usage and user behavior to better inform our product decisions. I also run our experimentation platforms.

What were you doing before working at theScore?
Before my job at theScore, I spent a lot of time in the film industry. I was a VFX & Animation producer at a sports graphics company. I worked with senior producers and clients to help build broadcast graphics, web series and TV shows. I did basically what you’d expect a Project Manager to do in tech – organize the designers, discuss product needs, manage assets, schedules, and budgeting.

I made the leap from Video Production to Analytics when a friend of mine who worked for theScore asked if I’d be interested in interviewing for a Data Analyst position. I’ve been studying analytics and programming in my spare time, and was interested in gaining more experience, so took him up on his offer. One thing led to another, and I’ve been here ever since.

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Describe the culture of theScore in one word.
Inclusive. My team has been overwhelmingly encouraging and accommodating. Especially when I first joined theScore and had never worked in tech, my team coached me through everything I needed to know – for that, I’m very grateful.

What are your favorite apps other than theScore?
I use Whatsapp and Google Translate to keep in touch with family overseas. I also play a lot of mobile games.

What is your fondest memory from working at theScore?
When I started a social group for women at theScore. We recently had our third meeting, and so far, It’s been a huge success! Originally, it was just a way for all the women to connect. There weren’t many of us, and we were scattered in different teams. The number of women has since doubled on the development side, and a lot of people have been interested in helping run the group. It’s been really encouraging. In the future, I’m hoping we can build some workshops and lectures to help with career development.

Why do you think theScore has become one of the most popular sports apps in North America?
I have looked at other sports apps in the market, and found ours the most streamline. Especially after we re-designed the app, it’s more fresh and easy to use.

What is one thing on your bucket list which you haven’t achieved yet?
I want to solo backpack across Europe. I previously did a 4-month trip across Asia where I visited Japan, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam – It was the time of my life.

Any hidden talents?
I started baking recently! My team gets to eat a lot of my experiments. I want to A/B test them but that might be overkill.

What do you most look forward to as theScore continues to develop, either in the immediate future or long term?
theScore is emphasizing diversity more than ever and I look forward to seeing that continue. When I started working here, there were only two or three other women on the development teams; now we have quite a few more. I think this was the case because theScore is an intersection between two industries, sports and technology, in which women were historically underrepresented. But from my experience, everyone at theScore has been overwhelmingly receptive to diversity. It just comes down to having the right pool of applicants, which is why I encouraging more women to apply.

Yolanda was speaking to Alexander Faiz

Photo by Alexander Faiz

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