Meet the Team – Wael Saghir

Who are you and what do you do at theScore?
My name is Wael Saghir and I’m a basketball News Editor for theScore. I primarily research and write news stories on the NBA, NCAAB, and occasionally tennis if there’s a major event. I’m pretty much the guy who pushes out all the alerts people receive on their phones.

How long have you been at theScore?
I’ve worked at theScore since November 2017, but before that, I graduated university with a degree in Political Science and was working for a bank. Leaving was a big change for me, but I always knew I wanted to do something basketball related. So, when I saw theScore was looking for a News Editor, I jumped at the opportunity.

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Describe the culture of theScore in one word.
Chill. The sports industry can be very fast paced, so there’s always that pressure to get things done as quickly as possible. I can imagine at any other company, working under those conditions could get overwhelming, but our team is very laid back. We still have to get things done on time, but never let ourselves get too stressed out.

What’s the best “perk” of working for theScore?
For me, the best part of working at theScore has to be the people. It’s not every day you get to work in an office where everyone shares the same love for sports. I could work anywhere else, but to be surrounded by people who are not only sports fans, but friendly, outgoing, and motivated is why I love working here.

What qualities does a person need to work at theScore?
You can’t come to work with a negative attitude. Be confident, be happy, and understand how fortunate we are to be writing about sports for a living. It’s a very difficult industry to get your foot into, so maintaining a positive attitude is important.

Do you follow any particular sports/esports/teams?
Basketball is something I’ve been obsessed with for as long as I can remember. My favorite team is the Miami Heat. I’m also a fan of watching Juventus, MMA, the 49ers, Montreal Canadiens, and Mariners.

What are your favorite apps other than theScore?
I always check Twitter before I start my day. It’s a great place to keep up with current events because you can find a wide range of opinions from different people. Anytime there’s a big story I go straight to Twitter because I know that’s where people are going to be talking.

Name somebody, dead or alive, you’d want to meet and why?
Alonzo Mourning. He is my favorite NBA player of all time. Despite facing so many obstacles in life, from growing up in foster care, to being diagnosed with kidney disease and undergoing a transplant, nothing stopped him from playing basketball. He’s always giving back to his community and helping others. His charity, the Mourning Foundation, raises tons of money for children in the Miami area. He’s just always been a respectable athlete, on and off the court, which I think makes him one of the best representatives for the sport. I’d love to have a conversation with him.

Why do you think theScore has become one of the most popular sports apps in North America?
It easily has the best interface. I’ve tried other sports apps, but none offer the same consistency, personalization, or information as theScore. I can’t imagine using anything else at this point.

Wael was speaking to Alexander Faiz

Photo by Alexander Faiz

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