Meet the Team – Joe Wolfond

What do you do at theScore?
I’m an NBA features writer who also occasionally writes about tennis.

How long have you been working at theScore?
I’ve been with theScore for just over five years, but haven’t always been in the role I’m in now. I was a news editor doing aggregation for a while, but my goal was to become a features writer from the day I started working here.

What led you to working at theScore?
This is my first full-time job in sports writing. I held a couple volunteer positions in sports journalism when I was in university at Dalhousie, both as a writer for the school paper and a broadcaster on campus radio. The idea of working in sports media had always been a dream of mine, but never one that seemed realistic. I went to grad school in New York and did my Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in creative writing, with a focus on fiction. I knew I wanted to be involved in professional writing in some capacity. I was working at a literary agency and editing for a literary magazine at the time, and I thought maybe I’d be an editor, go into publishing, write a novel, write for TV, something like that. I took the education and experience I gained while away and came back to Toronto. I spent a few months doing contract work and odd jobs, eventually found an opening at theScore, submitted a writing sample, and have been here ever since.

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What’s the best perk of working at theScore?
Being able to have a voice. I have the creative freedom to work on stuff that interests me, and my supervisors have been extremely supportive. They’ve given me the space to sort of figure out what my voice is, and to try new things. Even when visiting unfamiliar territory or trying things that haven’t really worked, I’ve never felt discouraged or dissuaded in any way.

In general, the best perk is the people I’ve gotten to work with here. I’ve learned so much and built some really important relationships over the years. Those people have made it a pleasure to come into the office.

What’s your favorite part about theScore app?
I think it’s a great interface. It’s intuitive, it looks clean, updates are immediate, and the overall layout is very user-friendly. I used it all the time even before I started working here.

What’s your fondest memory of working at theScore?
Getting to be there when the Raptors closed out the Bucks in Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Eastern Conference finals. I’ve never been happier to be up writing all night.

Do you follow any particular sports/esports/teams?
I’m a Raptors fan and a fairweather Blue Jays fan, but I try to follow every NBA team to a certain extent since I cover the whole league and usually aim to write at least one article about each team during the season. In tennis, I’ve always had a thing for exciting but flawed players like Gaël Monfils, players who are by turns thrilling and infuriating to watch. I always keep tabs on the Canadians, too. I’m a homer like that.

Who inspires you?
On a personal level, my grandfather. He’s a Holocaust survivor who has endured things I can’t imagine, but he’s never wanted to be defined by suffering. He’s almost 90 years old now, and for as long as I’ve known him he’s put nothing but love, optimism, and positive energy into the world. My whole life, that’s been my biggest inspiration and greatest source of perspective. He’s helped me understand how I want to live, and the kind of person I want to be.

Choose a movie title for the story of your life.
A little slow, a little late.

What are your favorite podcasts?
I listen to a ton of NBA podcasts. My favorites are The Lowe Post, Open Floor, and The Hoop Collective. For culture stuff, I like Still Processing. For politics, I like Why Is This Happening. For tennis, I like No Challenges Remaining and Thirty Love.

Interviewed by Michael Cooper.

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