Meet the Team – Nick Roy

What do you do at theScore?
I’m a video creator and multimedia editor helping design images for the mobile app, logos, and any other design work that is required. I also assist in the creation of the videos for our YouTube channel and sales team.

How long have you been working at theScore?
I’ve been working here for about 6 months now and I’m truly enjoying it.

What’s the best “perk” of working for theScore?
The best perk is most definitely the culture. Everyone is very relaxed and supportive in the sense that we encourage one another to step up, share ideas, and be a part of an open and creative environment.

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What excites you about the future of theScore?
Our future in sports betting excites me most. This addition will not only drive more revenue into the company, but provide the content team with more opportunities to engage our audience.

What qualities does a person need to work at theScore?
To work at theScore you need to be hardworking and self-motivated. Nobody is going to be looking over your shoulder all the time to tell you how to do your job or what to do. Above all, you need to be passionate. If you don’t care about the piece you’re writing or the designs you’re creating, then the final product will be below standard and that’s not how we roll.

What’s your fondest memory of working at theScore?
It’s hard to only pick one specific memory, I’ve met some really cool people here that are very passionate about what they do. I appreciate every moment I get to spend in that sort of environment.

Do you have any strange phobias?
Honestly, I’m terrified of heights. I always have been. However, I want to go skydiving to face my fear. It’s been on my bucket list for a while.

Who inspires you?
My dad definitely inspires me a lot. He’s your typical extremely hardworking guy who drives nearly two hours to work each day to take care of his family. As a result of his hard work, he got me through college without debt.

What are your favorite podcasts?
I’m a big fan of The Basement Yard with Joe Santagato. It’s hilarious. They are the funniest guys on the planet and play off one another perfectly.

Which store would you like to max out your credit card?
I’d have to go with Henry’s, the camera store. There are a ton of cameras, lenses, and tripods that I wouldn’t mind calling my own – haha.

Interviewed by Michael Cooper.

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