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theScore has updated its iOS app to include a new feature called Player Alerts, where users can receive push notifications when a particular player from the NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL scores a goal, makes an assist or receives a penalty. The latter two leagues will be later added this summer and fall. Other alert options include vital player news such as injuries.

Below is an example of what a Player Alert will look like on your lock screen:

Thescore player alerts

Jonathan Savage, VP of Product at theScore said “For fantasy sports fans this feature is a real game-changer,” and also “theScore has always been the perfect app for the sports fan on-the-go and now – with Player Alerts – weddings, dinner dates or business meetings will never get in the way of tracking your fantasy sports team.”

Player Alerts for Android will come later this fall. Other features part of today’s update include better social sharing, deeper league stats when in landscape view, improved alerts management including the addition of “Default Alerts” and the inclusion of a new on-boarding tutorial to teach users how to follow their favourite teams.

theScore tells us their app is being used by more than 4.2 million active mobile users per month and this update makes it the first major sports app to offer Player Alerts.

If you’re a fantasy sports freak, this new feature is going to change your life–for the better or worse. Back in late April, theScore secured $16 million in private placement financing.

Click here to download theScore for iOS–it’s free. Let us know how you like this update.

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Ahh the media industry – along with retail it has become the whipping boy for the entire digital uprising. It has been labeled “dead” and “dormant” and “on decline” and “old” but it still holds an incredible amount of clout, cache and conversation. The thing is, not very many of these media outlets are willing or able to commit, I mean REALLY commit, to the sea change that is upon them – you know, the one that they refuse to look at with a fresh perspective.

There are a few times in history when change this paramount comes along and wipes the slate clean. It is at these times that the bold MAKE decisions and the weak have decisions made for them. This is one of those times. We will look back at this very moment and be able to trace the reason certain companies accelerated while others evaporated. The decisions being made today, while there is runway, while there are options, are bets of incredible courage – to step outside a comfort zone and to make decisions that may hurt in the short run but lead to great spoils down the road. This is what very few media companies are doing and theScore is one of them making these courageous choices.

I’ve talked with Tom Hearne on two other occasions and both times have been impressed by his mobile-first mantra. The thing is, you can talk all you want (like you see television stations and radio stations and newspapers and magazines do) or you can execute on a plan that moves you forward. That’s exactly what Tom and his team did by selling off their sports television station (with an audience of roughly 7 million people), raising $16 million and focusing exclusively on growing their mobile-first company. There is no looking back. A little perspective on this move: Doing what theScore did would be like a national newspaper company selling their print offerings. Ballsy and not likely to happen.

This episode focuses on this transition and the incredibly thoughtful and logical reasons behind doing it. It must have been painful to give up the revenue that comes with television but after listening to Tom and his conviction about mobile you will wonder why the other outlets don’t see this. You will also wonder how long it will be before they start to lose the ability to make their own decisions…

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Data Point: 120%


By late 2010, the digital properties of TV sports channel, theScore, had almost 1.5 million monthly users, two of the world’s most popular sports apps for BlackBerry and iPhone — serving up a mobile-optimized player, team, game and event scores, news, betting lines and commentary — and their advertising revenue made up 15% of theScore’s total. In the eyes of John Levy, CEO and largest shareholder of Score Media Inc., theScore’s digital ad sales had the potential to eclipse TV revenue in three to five years.

But Mr. Levy would have to make sure he and his partners positioned the company and its products the best way possible in order to unlock and maximize value.


Mr. Levy needed tangible results to justify putting the company’s digital properties front and centre. He found it in theScore App’s rate of user growth and audience makeup in 2010. Specifically, from Sept. 2009 to Sept. 2010, the app’s monthly active user totals jumped 120%, to 1.4 million per month. And most of those were in the U.S. “We saw the numbers coming in quicker than we expected,” says John Levy. “And three for one they’re coming from the States. And it was like: ‘Wow, we’ve really got a tiger by the tail.’”


The growth in 2010 validated the product strategy. theScore’s apps were selling themselves in the U.S., without any TV presence. Therefore, the immediate challenge there became a matter of repeating, refining and building out the formula. More features, alerts, tools, commentary, personalization; a new soccer app to test global waters — all of these moves pushed monthly visits past three million.

Progress was bumpier on the company front. Last August minority partner Rogers Media announced it would buy the TV channel but the purchase didn’t include theScore App or Instead, Levy, Rogers and other former Score Media shareholders spun those off into a new company, theScore Inc.


Today, unique monthly visits to theScore’s mobile apps and web are around 4.2-million.

In April, theScore Inc. closed a $16-million financing deal led by Relay Ventures, a mobile-focused venture capital fund based in Toronto and Palo Alto, California. In one swoop, the investment validates the business and the spinoff strategy. John Levy says the first thing they’ll do with the money is expand theScore’s sales and marketing presence in the U.S. “It’s time to get the messaging out.”

The Next Web

Sports news and results site theScore has closed a $16 million round of private placement financing today to accelerate the development and marketing of its mobile apps on Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10.

There’s no shortage of high quality sports apps at the moment – ESPN Goals, BBC Sport and MLB At Bat are just a few of our personal favorites here at TNW – but theScore has crafted its own loyal following since it launched on mobile back in September 2009.

Monthly users were up to 4.2 million in January, checking real-time sports headlines, live scores and fantasy league updates.

“This financing allows us to ramp-up the development of some exciting new features for our mobile sports platforms, providing sports fans with an even more immersive experience while accelerating user growth across the United States,” John Levy , Chairman and CEO of theScore said.

thescore TheScore secures $16 million in funding to beef up its mobile sport apps

The financing is being described as a “non-brokered private placement” of 100 million class A subordinate voting shares. Each share is priced at $0.16, thereby hitting the aforementioned $16 million grand total. Toronto and Silicon Valley-based VC firm Relay Ventures led the proceedings, picking up 35.9 million, or 18.4 percent, of the available class A shares.

Existing shareholders Levam Holdings and Rogers Media, among others, were also involved in the private placement financing.

TheScore, which is publicly listed under the TSX Venture Exchange in Canada, has also setup a rather complex agreement which means that Relay Ventures can now nominate one person, representing all parties who picked up class A shares today, to the company’s board of directors. Relay Ventures also has the right to maintain a pro-rata share position in future equity offerings.

Relay Ventures didn’t waste anytime on exercising that first right, after it nominated company co-founder and managing partner John Albright to the board of directors at theScore.

It’s a significant reshuffle that should give Relay Ventures some additional influence in theScore’s mobile development moving forward. There’s no suggestion as to what new features theScore is cooking up for its mobile apps, but a wider range of sports wouldn’t go amiss; football appears to be the only non-US category on theScore’s website at the moment.


Television is the last thing on John Levy’s mind as he sits in his new brick-and-beam office in a burgeoning Toronto neighbourhood better known for fashion than for sports.

The text-based ticker service he transformed into Canada’s third-largest sports channel – The Score – is just down the road and still dominates the streetscape with its enormous outdoor television screen that shows highlights and scores throughout the day.

But the television channel is in regulatory limbo since he sold it to Rogers Communications Inc.last year for $167-million, and his new digital company is about to go on a venture-capital-financed spending spree to expand its mobile app as quickly as possible.

theScore, Inc. just closed a $16-million round of financing led by Relay Ventures, a fund that operates out of Toronto and California and focuses its investments on mobile technology companies.

The infusion is a vote of confidence in Mr. Levy’s business plan, which is to attract advertising revenue by infusing the company’s hugely popular sports data app with sports commentary written by bloggers who sit clumped in the middle of the company’s new offices amidst dozens of televisions (and ping pong and foosball tables).

John Levy, Chairman and CEO of theScore

“I feel like that guy in the commercial who has shrugged off his suit of armour and is suddenly free and able to do things,” says Mr. Levy. “We loved the television business, and if it weren’t for that we wouldn’t be here today. But we’re doing something different, and now we can tackle this head-on without any distractions.”

In securing financing, Mr. Levy has overcome one of the larger obstacles facing app developers in Canada. Canada’s Information and Communications Technology Council said earlier this year that access to capital is a major problem in this country, and the market is relatively small for those who do manage to create a product, at $675-million a year – $257-million on in-app purchases, $149-million in download fees, $141-million in advertising and $128-million in subscriptions.

But the mobile company – which has retained the television channel’s name, but is sharing it until the deal is finished, when it will become the sole owner – attracts most of its traffic from the United States.

Mr. Levy concedes mobile companies haven’t figured out how to make money yet – the Score posted a $2.6-million loss in its last quarter despite attracting just over 4 million monthly users – but insists that a sizable user base made of fantasy sports fans looking for updates and gamblers looking for an edge should be enough to build a profitable business within five years.

“There’s no debating how people are getting content,” he says. “And ultimately the advertising community has to reach these people – other avenues are evaporating and diminishing. Our goal is to develop that base – it’s really no different than what we did with television. When we bought that, nobody knew what it was or what we could do.”

While Mr. Levy builds his new company, the television channel he sold is being run by a trustee as the sale awaits approval from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

There are no indications that the deal is in peril – the commission has a backlog of high-profile hearings that has likely delayed a decision (if it were rejected, the channel would remain in the hands of the trustee and put back on the market as a standalone channel).

Rogers Media has offered few hints about what it will do when it does eventually take over, but it will be constrained by a licence that restricts the channel to one live broadcast a night and insists that broadcasts be regularly interrupted to provide news updates from the sports world.

Neither Rogers nor the channel’s trustee, Peter Viner, would comment about what comes next, but Rogers Media president Keith Pelley said last month that he would like to use space outside the channel’s studio – which is located a short walk from the home of the Toronto Blue Jays – as a live location for pre- and post-game broadcasts for its Sportsnet channel. He wouldn’t elaborate on any other plans.

The station has continued to operate in trusteeship, largely with the same staff as the day the deal was announced. While Rogers doesn’t need to keep the programming or staff, Mr. Levy said he hopes the cable giant sees some value in the largely irreverent station he built from the ground up.

“You hope the reason they bought it isn’t just to have another channel, but because we were doing something right,” he said. “There are a lot of great people there, I hope they migrate over and find some opportunity. The channel won’t be the same – they’ll do what they do and we’ll do what we do. But really, you have to think it will be different at some point.”

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If your Simple Bracket or printed out bracket hasn’t been busted by now, then you’re simply from another planet.

There are still some bets to be made off this Final Four Weekend. But, by and large, college basketball season is over and baseball enters into sports fans’ minds. Last night, the Houston Astros defeated the Texas Rangers with a final score of 8-2 in MLB’s Opening Night. The Astros debut in the American League isn’t the only new highlight this baseball season, though.

Fantasy sports are commonly associated with the NFL. And with only a 16-game season to keep track of on a weekly basis, football shall reign supreme within this sector for the foreseeable future. According to Forbes, the fantasy sports industry averaged a 12 percent growth rate between 2007 to 2012, which lends itself to yearly profits at around $397 million on $1.1 billion in revenue during that time span. And by 2017, this market will reach $1.7 billion through the expected nearly nine percent annual growth measures. One of the primary drivers behind this progression is apps, which is gradually inflowing throughout all aspects in sports.

“For many sports fans, their mobile device is now the ‘first-screen’ ahead of desktop and even television,” said Jonathan Savage, Vice President of Product for theScore, Inc.

Currently, there are 111 and 173 search results under “fantasy baseball” within the App Store and Google Play, respectively. One wouldn’t think there would be that much product development or interest for this category due to the high number of games in baseball’s regular season, yet those search queries proves otherwise. ESPN and Yahoo!’s fantasy baseball apps are surely the dominant properties where users create their leagues. Nevertheless, fantasy owners always are looking elsewhere to find any other competitive advantage they can find.

theScore App serves as supplementary platform that gives fantasy owners the edge they need. This app primarily helps with monitoring and managing players in a more convenient way. Recently, it went through some cosmetic changes in order to provide an interface that’s easy to use and navigate across the menu items. More importantly, all the information within this app derives from Rotowire, which has been a trusted and premium source among fantasy sports users. This app is now available to download for free on both iOS and Android ecosystems.

Some of the top features include:

My Player: Here users can create groups of players so they can track everyone on their fantasy league in one expedient location, including player news, stats and other vital data, building an entirely customized view.

My Score: This facet enables fans to follow all their favorite teams in one place, making it easy to stay on top of the latest scores, news, stats and standings.

Baserunner Diamond: A unique snapshot of who is on base in each game, as well as how many outs there have been record as the game is going on live.

Calendar: It’s always beneficial to download one’s favorite team’s schedule into one’s phone’s calendar, which helps finding out exactly when and where they are playing.

Share with Friends: An app wouldn’t be complete without embedded social components to connect with Facebook and Twitter to tell the world when one’s team has hit a home run or won a game.

Savage elaborated further on the app’s capabilities: “With 162 games during the regular MLB season, we know that managing a fantasy baseball team can be a full-time job. People are busy, so they need a way to track their roster straight from their mobile device whenever they please. theScore allows them to do just that thanks to our in-depth player news and stats features, including push alerts for breaking news. This app delivers the ultimate service for fantasy league players and sports fans in general, giving them access to real-time stats, scores, standings and news, together with personalization options so they can really make the app their own.”

With more than 3.75 million active monthly users, theScore App can come in handy during the long summer days of the current MLB season.

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With the 2013 March Madness basketball tournament in full swing, you may want to stay informed with up-to-the-second scores and the latest news, and you can with theScore Mobile for iPhone and iPad. With theScore Mobile, you can receive notifications when games start and close, the score at halftime, and news about your favorite teams and players.

In addition to keeping track of scores and news for March Madness, theScore Mobile also includes a scrollable, swipeable bracket. You can even pinch to zoom in and out to see more or less of the bracket.

The great thing about theScore is that it’s not only a basketball and March Madness app; it also covers football, hockey, baseball, mixed martial arts, soccer, auto racing, golf, tennis, and lacrosse. So if you follow all sports, theScore Mobile can stay on your home screen all year.

Are you following the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament this year? What team are you rooting for? If you pick this one up, let us know what you think!


TheScore Mobile has been updated today to include complete coverage of the 2013 NCAA March Madness College Basketball tournament. The update includes a new March Madness bracket view for the tournament, which allows users to scroll and pinch and zoom for views.

Also, push alerts are now available for “Final Scores” for the end of each game and “Upset Tracker” alerts, for when a lower ranked team is leading a higher ranked team at halftime, 5 minutes left in the game or at the end of the game.











If you’re following the tournament with money on the line, this update is going to make your life better or possibly worse. March Madness 2013 starts on Tuesday, March 19th and ends on Monday, April 8th.

With opening day just a few weeks away, theScore has added full MLB coverage to their popular BlackBerry 10 app. If you’re a sports fan, theScore is the go-to app for BlackBerry 10 devices giving you up to the minute news and scores for all of your favorite teams. From NFL to UEFA – theScore has it all. March Madness? You’re covered there as well with everything you need to follow the men’s tournament all month long.

Features include:

  • Up-to-the-second box scores, player stats, league leaders, betting odds, game previews, recaps, top stories, schedules and league standings.
  • Live coverage of Baseball (MLB, Football (NFL), Basketball (NBA, NCAA Mens), Hockey (NHL), and Soccer (English Premier League, UEFA Champions League), with live coverage of theScore’s full slate of additional professional and collegiate leagues coming soon.
  • Enhanced “My Score” functionality to enable users to customize the app to their needs – follow any team, or player throughout the season to view their performances as they happen, and use Player Grouping to follow your fantasy teams’ players in real-time.
  • New “Player Card Profiles”, allowing users to do in-depth research with player photos, recent performances, season stats, bios and fantasy news via RotoWire.

You can download theScore now from BlackBerry World free from the link below.