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BlackBerry owners aren’t voracious app users. They can’t be. With only about 15,000 (often uninspired) apps to choose from in BlackBerry’s App World, the selection simply isn’t deep or broad enough to stoke the fires of a true app devotee. Android users have more than 100,000 apps to choose from; iPhone owners can pick among 300,000.

But if you own a BlackBerry, there are still enough good apps to give your device a high-tech boost. To that end, here’s a list of 10 apps that will make your BlackBerry much more handy—and fun—than it was when you first bought it.

Google Mobile (free): Use your voice to search.

Google Maps (free): Turn-by-turn directions, and more.

Evernote (free): Sync notes from your BlackBerry to your other computers.

Poynt (free): Find local restaurants and businesses, read reviews and more.

Shazam (free): Identify songs that are playing on the radio. Users of the free version get five songs monthly, and you can buy the unlimited version for $5.

Weather Channel (free): Solid forecasts, nicely laid-out.

ScoreMobile (free): Keep track of scores, read game recaps and view standings for major U.S. sports and foreign soccer leagues.

Bloomberg Mobile (free): Great one-stop-shop for financial news.

Viigo (free): For tracking news across many categories.

UberTwitter (free): More full-featured than the standard Twitter app, this is a must-have for people with serious Twitter habits.