As 2013 comes to a close, it’s time to take a quick look back at an amazing first year for theScore as a purely mobile-first company.

It was the year we delivered one of our biggest updates since our App Store debut in 2008, transforming our news offering to provide a truly mobile-first, comprehensive, curated and real-time experience for sports fans.

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By: Peter Butler

We’ve come a long way since sports scores agonizingly scrolled across pagers. For today’s smaller Android phones or for those times and places when your service connection is spotty, liveblogging and stat tracking provide a reliable, low-bandwidth method of following the big games. My favorite pick for all of the above is a free app called ScoreMobile (which again also has an iPhone app).

ScoreMobile has evolved from a basic score and stat tracker to a much more robust system for following live sporting events. The main interface lists the app’s set of sports leagues, all of which can be removed or reordered. Clicking into the MLB Baseball section will bring up the only game around these days: the San Francisco Giants vs. the Detroit Tigers. The scores page will show the current score of the game or the betting lines and start time if it has not yet begun.






Clicking into the game itself will show the current live status (again with a lineup and injury news if the game hasn’t started yet) and tabs allow additional content like news service-generated previews and recaps. The most valuable feature for those big-time championship games is the Blog tab, where the ScoreMobile team provides a quick-fingered, accurate and (usually) knowledgeable liveblogger who provides play-by-play coverage that rivals radio coverage.

ScoreMobile users are encouraged to create accounts and contribute to the liveblog as well, and you’ll see the stream of posts include the occasional “GIANTS RULE, TIGERS DROOL” comment, but those user comments themselves are moderated by the ScoreMobile team, so there (usually) aren’t any crude comments that scare the faint-hearted or permanently scar young children. Every big game — like the World Series, NCAA basketball championship, Rose Bowl, etc. — has a dedicated moderator and liveblogger who does a great job in conveying the essential details of the action as well as occasionally adding insightful commentary.

As a bonus, SportsMobile also lets you designate specific teams as Favorites. Doing so will move any games featuring those teams to the top of the list of scores. You can also set up notification alerts for your favorite teams that are based on the start of the game, end of the game, when the bases are loaded, when either team scores, or when it’s a close game. Even if you’re stuck in the subway with a fraction of a phone-service bar, ScoreMobile operates efficiently enough to get the necessary scores and stats through.