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What Time magazine COULD look like if we were on the cover.

By Jonathan Savage

OK – so we didn’t really make the cover of Time magazine. The photo above is our own play on the publication’s annual “Man of the Year” edition. But theScore App DID find itself featured on the world famous magazine’s website this week, named as one of the 50 Must-Have Apps for iPad.

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– Leading free mobile sports app launches great new features for March tournament

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TORONTO – March 4th, 2013: Sports fans wont have to miss a dunk when the biggest college basketball tournament in the world gets underway this month, with leading free sports app theScore offering a host of great new features for iOS and Android devices.

The NCAA Men’s Division One Basketball Tournament begins on March 19th, with 68 teams battling it out in the epic single-elimination contest. And theScore will be tracking every second of action all the way to the championship final.

These latest updates complement theScore’s existing NCAA basketball offering, which includes coverage from games taking place now in the Big East, Big 10 and ACC and other major conferences. The new features, which go live in time for the tournament, include:

  • Bracket view, allowing fans to track their favourite teams’ routes to the final.
  • Upset Tracker alerts, notifying fans in real time when an upset is on the cards.
  • All Games alerts, meaning fans wont miss a single scoreline from the tournament.
  • Option to follow specific teams and set-up alerts to track scores, news and stats.

Jonathan Savage, VP of Products at theScore, Inc., said: “For us, the main NCAA action begins now. March is the biggest month for college basketball and theScore already has you covered with wall-to-wall NCAAB conference action right up to the main event. These new features will turbocharge our existing offering and make our app the ultimate destination for basketball fans.”

theScore is one of the most popular free sports apps in the world and used by more than three million people each month. It is available on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iPad and iPad mini.

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James Bigg
Manager, Communications
theScore, Inc.
Tel: 416-977-6787 ext. 2366
Email: [email protected]


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About theScore Inc.
theScore, Inc. creates, aggregates and distributes sports content via established and emergent digital media assets, including mobile sports applications and its website, theScore’s mission is to create the ultimate digital service for sports fans across web and mobile platforms.

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theScore Mobile by The Score is a sports app that has been completely redesigned to bring you the ultimate mobile sports experience, a must-have for the fantasy sports fan.

theScore Mobile provides a fast, smooth experience with real-time alerts that helps keep you in the middle of all the action. This app provides one of the deepest fantasy sport tools out there, letting you follow any team in any league. Stay informed with up-to-the second sport scores, box scores, player stats, betting odds, recaps, top stories and league leaders.

Get breaking news alerts from the NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB. Live coverage of so many sporting events it will make your head spin. NFL, NCAA and CFL for you football fans with NBA, and NCAA (including March Madness) for you basketball fans. Unexpected sports such as Auto Racing, Tennis and Lacrosse are also included in amongst some of the expected sports like Soccer, Golf and Mixed Martial Arts.

theScore Mobile was updated to Version 3.5.3 on February 20, 2013. It has a total of 40,316 customer ratings with an average of four out of five stars. Feedback from users has been positive overall with many users relying on this app as their number one source for sports information and news. One complaint from users is that the new update has provided stationary ads which blocks content, rather than scrolling with the rest of the app.

There is really not much to dislike about the app; other than the new ads being slightly annoying, this is a solid app. I really like the new Player Card Profiles that have been added, allowing for a more in-depth look at your favorite athletes.

For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad with iOS 6.0 or later

By Daniel Bader

Formerly ScoreMobile, theScore for iOS has recently been updated with iPad support, and takes great advantage of the larger tablet screen.

The interface works in either portrait or landscape, and provides access to all your favourite sports via a permanent left-side navigation bar. The app also provides a MyScore area where you can track your favourite sports, news and scores from within the app or via push notifications.

There’s also plenty of fantasy sports coverage, with Rotowire providing news and stats for more than 15,000 players in 800 teams across 20+ leagues. theScore also announced that they will be updating their Android app in the coming months, adapting the iOS version to Android phones and tablets.

You can download theScore for iOS in the App Store.

By: Andrew Webster

The silly season is here for sports fans — the World Series just ended, the MLS playoffs are kicking off, the European soccer season is in full swing, and if the world doesn’t hate me the NHL will be starting eventually as well. Keeping track of all of your favorite leagues and clubs can be a pain, but ScoreMobile does an excellent job of keeping everything in one place. It covers a huge range of leagues — seriously, there’s everything from Canadian football to professional lacrosse — but more importantly lets you focus only on the teams you care about with the “My Score” feature. It makes checking scores and stats on the go a whole lot easier, though sadly it doesn’t make being a Toronto sports fan any less depressing.







By: Peter Butler

We’ve come a long way since sports scores agonizingly scrolled across pagers. For today’s smaller Android phones or for those times and places when your service connection is spotty, liveblogging and stat tracking provide a reliable, low-bandwidth method of following the big games. My favorite pick for all of the above is a free app called ScoreMobile (which again also has an iPhone app).

ScoreMobile has evolved from a basic score and stat tracker to a much more robust system for following live sporting events. The main interface lists the app’s set of sports leagues, all of which can be removed or reordered. Clicking into the MLB Baseball section will bring up the only game around these days: the San Francisco Giants vs. the Detroit Tigers. The scores page will show the current score of the game or the betting lines and start time if it has not yet begun.






Clicking into the game itself will show the current live status (again with a lineup and injury news if the game hasn’t started yet) and tabs allow additional content like news service-generated previews and recaps. The most valuable feature for those big-time championship games is the Blog tab, where the ScoreMobile team provides a quick-fingered, accurate and (usually) knowledgeable liveblogger who provides play-by-play coverage that rivals radio coverage.

ScoreMobile users are encouraged to create accounts and contribute to the liveblog as well, and you’ll see the stream of posts include the occasional “GIANTS RULE, TIGERS DROOL” comment, but those user comments themselves are moderated by the ScoreMobile team, so there (usually) aren’t any crude comments that scare the faint-hearted or permanently scar young children. Every big game — like the World Series, NCAA basketball championship, Rose Bowl, etc. — has a dedicated moderator and liveblogger who does a great job in conveying the essential details of the action as well as occasionally adding insightful commentary.

As a bonus, SportsMobile also lets you designate specific teams as Favorites. Doing so will move any games featuring those teams to the top of the list of scores. You can also set up notification alerts for your favorite teams that are based on the start of the game, end of the game, when the bases are loaded, when either team scores, or when it’s a close game. Even if you’re stuck in the subway with a fraction of a phone-service bar, ScoreMobile operates efficiently enough to get the necessary scores and stats through.








Posted by Paul Barraza on December 5th, 2011

If you’re a huge sport fan and looking for the right application to feed your sports craving you might want to check out ScoreMobile. ScoreMobile is an easy to use application that allows you to customize your app to follow your favorite sports, teams and players.

ScoreMobile even provides you with up-to-minute scores, box scores, player stats, game previews, recaps, top stories, schedules and league standings.

Live coverage includes:

  • Football (NFL, NCAA, CFL)
  • Hockey (NHL)
  • Basketball (NBA, NCAA – including March Madness)
  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA: UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator, Score Fighting Series)
  • Auto Racing (NASCAR Sprint Cup, Formula 1)
  • Soccer (EPL/ Premier League, Serie A, LLa Liga, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions, MLS)
  • Golf (PGA)
  • Tennis (ATP, WTA)

My first encounter with ScoreMobile was on a BlackBerry Bold 9700 and I was impressed with the application, especially for being a free app. I was able to get the scores of the games I wanted and keep on top of my favorite teams. I recently made the jump to an iPhone and for my sport needs I was using the ESPN app which is a good app but just didn’t give me all the details and information I was use to with ScoreMobile, not to mention push notifications.

ScoreMobile for iOS has more to offer than it does for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone but is an excellent choice for all the mobile OS’. For iOS I’m able to get push notifications of when games start, scores, goals, end of quarters scores and key moments in games (If I’m follow a team that is playing). ScoreMobile version 3.0 is now available on iOS and new features can be found below.

New features:

  • Completely re-designed gesture-based interface
  • Player card profiles (Player photo, Recent performances, Season stats, Bio etc.)
  • “My Score” area to customize the app to your needs. Follow any team, or player throughout the season to view their performances
  • Player grouping ability to follow all of your fantasy teams in one app; live up to the minute
  • Team view to browse news, rankings, recent performances, season schedules, rosters and injuries
  • Social sharing ability: share any blog post or news articles via Twitter, Facebook, SMS or email
  • iOS 5 Support

Score Mobile is available on Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone 7. The application is free and gives you all your sport coverage you need. Get the application in your app store and let us know what you think.


It took a series of twists and turns to create Pressly, but its circuitous path is starting to pay off as it becomes a popular way to read content on tablets.

Pressly’s origins go back to when its parent, Toronto-based Nulayer Inc., created an iPad application for The Score, an all-sports television network.

After The Score’s iPad app became a major hit, Nulayer, a software development company, was approached by The Toronto Star and several other publishers about also having an iPad app created.

But while that offered the potential for new business, Nulayer’s co-founders, Jeff Brenner and Peter Kieltyka, decided that, rather than develop one-off apps for individual publishers, there was a bigger opportunity to build a product that any publisher could use to provide consumers with an engaging content experience on the iPad and other tablet computers.

Thus came the inspiration to start Pressly, a spinoff focused on creating an iPad app that publishers could leverage to quickly deliver content on tablet computers.

But wait: Four months into that project, Mr. Brenner and Mr. Kieltyka changed their minds again. They decided to scrap the app idea and, instead, focused on creating a service that would run within a Web browser.

It was a major shift in direction because apps have become a very popular way for companies to offer a service that people can use, rather than having them visit a website.

Mr. Brenner, Pressly’s co-founder and chief executive officer, said, however, that the decision made sense because many publishers had made large investments to build their own standalone apps but had not seen the traffic they expected.

Instead, many readers are using a Web browser to read content on their tablets.

“A lot of publishers had gone through the experience of spending millions of dollars to develop their own native app, and they weren’t seeing the response they were hoping for,” he said.

“Pressly is not that tough to sell right now because publishers are seeking more traffic, and we are letting them do that. Native apps make sense for games and utilities, but we feel publishers’ content is about the Web.”

Pressly’s technology is appealing because it lets websites on tablet computers have the same user-friendly “swipe and read” interface as an app.

As a result, publishers can deliver the same kind of experience at a much lower cost than building their own app.

Pressly’s biggest direct competitor is OnSwipe, while apps such as Flipboard and Zite also play in the same marketplace.

Pressly’s first customer was The Toronto Star. It will soon be launching a tablet-friendly version of NBC Universal’s Web site. As well, the Economist Group will be launching a new publication powered by Pressly’s technology. Mr. Brenner said Pressly is also is negotiating with Hearst and several Canadian publishers.

“We have a dozen publishers we are talking to about putting content on the Pressly,” Mr. Brenner said. “We go in there and show the product. The reasons for using the Web make sense for publishers, and the business model makes sense because there is no upfront capital development.”

In addition to eliminating the need for publishers to create their own apps, Mr. Brenner said Pressly has also dramatically increased engagement as people read more content and click on features such as photo galleries and advertising.

While Pressly lets publishers display content in a compelling and user-friendly way, Mr. Brenner said publishers also like that advertising on a tablet becomes a better experience.

“For the first time ever, Pressly presents a context for full-screen interstitial ads, which are a real natural fit. As users come from reading content, they get full-screen ads that are more engaging and less intrusive than banner ads. It is a real opportunity for publishers to monetize their content.”

Pressly has a two-pronged business model. One is based on consumption; the more content people read, the more it gets paid.

The second is based on a revenue-share arrangement with publishers from full-screen ads viewed by consumers.

To date, Pressly has been self-financed but Mr. Brenner said the company plans to actively seek investment early next year to take things to the next level.

“We have a big vision of Pressly delivering the promise of experiencing content of publishers for any size,” he said. “Right now, we are focused on tier A publishers but we hope to accommodate some of the small publishers as well.”

Mr. Brenner said the Canadian venture capital landscape is stronger and more interesting than it was two years when he and Mr. Kieltyka, Pressly’s chief technology officer, were looking to raise money for CrowdReel, a real-time social photo search engine powered by photos on Twitter.

“We were offered the opportunity to join the Twitter team but we couldn’t find funding locally,” he said.

Crowdreel continues to operate as a service offered by Nulayer but Mr. Brenner said it has been put on the “backburner” as Pressly becomes more successful.

Given Pressly’s traction and growing customer list, it would be hard to believe that Mr. Brenner and Kieltyka will encounter the same financing challenges.

Special to The Globe and Mail

Mark Evans is the principal with ME Consulting, a communications and marketing strategic consultancy that works with startups and fast-growing companies to create compelling and effective messaging to drive their sales and marketing activities. Mark has worked with four startups – Blanketware, b5Media, PlanetEye and Sysomos. He was a technology reporter for more than a decade with The Globe and Mail, Bloomberg News and the Financial Post. Mark is also one of the co-organizers of the mesh, meshmarketing and meshwest conferences.

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